Mayor Terry Schneider - Elect Brian Kirk for City Council ! 

(Note: this letter of support is from the At Large Seat A campaign - Brian Kirk is now running for Ward 1)

Letter to the editor:


I would like to offer my enthusiastic endorsement of Brian Kirk for At-Large Council Seat A.  As I leave the City Council after 15 years as an At-Large member and 9 years as Mayor, I have a good sense of the characteristics a good council member needs to maintain the quality city that we have all come to value.


We have a great city staff, fire, police and operations and maintenance employees that work hard to provide quality services at a great value.  The council has developed a respectful, thoughtful, long term approach to decision making.  While council members can have quite diverse opinions on some topics, they engage in meaningful respectful discussion based on input from staff and citizens.  They then blend that information with their own personal perspective and values to make decisions that are in the best interest for the whole city.


Brian Kirk has the qualities that we need on the council.  While he has a quiet and unassuming manner, he has a deep history of the city, a good understanding of the type of information needed to make sound decisions.  He listens well and is good at absorbing and evaluating different perspectives, and values opinions from current residents.  He is also able take a long-term view of what is good for the city and its future residents.  The council needs to take issues that come before the council seriously, yet council members should not take themselves too seriously.  Brian has these qualities and will be a good complement to the council and has the potential to be a great council member.


I would encourage every voter in the city to get out and vote on November 7th to support continuation of a quality city council and cast your vote for Brian Kirk for At-Large Seat A.

Terry Schneider

Minnetonka Mayor

Home address:

  15333 Boulder Creek Drive

  Minnetonka, MN 55345

Elect Kirk for City Council

(Note: this letter of support is from the At Large Seat A campaign - Brian Kirk is now running for Ward 1)


To the editor:


We are Minnetonka residents and are supporting Brian Kirk for the City Council Member-at-large seat A. Here’s why:


  • Brian has a superb set of credentials and experience in both his public and professional life (chair of the Minnetonka Planning Commission; Director of Architecture for the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities) to offer leadership and vision for the future of Minnetonka.

  • Brian is a lifelong resident – he knows this city, our people, and our vision. He is a member of the Imagine Minnetonka Citizens Steering Committee, the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, and the Community Advisory Committee of the Southwest Light Rail Transitway (SWLRT). Minnetonka is at an important crossroads in major decisions that determine how this city will grow, and Brian will guide us well through those decisions.

  • Brian is a husband and father – his wife Jennifer is a public school teacher, and all three of their children have attended and are attending public schools. They are connected every day to the needs and challenges of the best future for our kids.

  • Brian has a solid history of making rigorous, thoughtful decisions as a member and now chair of the Minnetonka Planning Commission – improving our tax base, and guiding development decisions that keep Minnetonka the beautiful, vibrant, safe city we know and love.

  • Brian listens – his history of attending neighborhood meetings, encouraging public input, and listening to residents has been a hallmark of his service to the city.

  • This is not a time for voters to be complacent. Brian’s campaign slogan – “managing change for a better community” – describes exactly the kind of measured, constructive direction we  need to guide and balance development that will benefit and enhance the city.


We care about what happens to this community. We need a strong, experienced, forward-looking voice on the City Council to benefit all of Minnetonka, and we believe Brian Kirk is that voice.

Please visit his website – www.KIRKcampaign.com – to learn more about Brian.


Peter Frederick and Carol Allis

12201 Minnetonka Boulevard #218   Minnetonka MN 55305


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