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Committed to serving the City of Minnetonka

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My name is Brian Kirk – I am a lifelong resident of Minnetonka, currently Chairing the City of Minnetonka Planning Commission. I am also appointed to the 2040 Minnetonka Comprehensive Guide Plan Steering Committee, Imagine Minnetonka Citizens Steering Committee, and represented the city on the Community Advisory Committee of the Southwest Light Rail Transitway (SWLRT). I work for the YMCA as the Director of Architectural Design and am the past Executive Director of the Ridgedale YMCA.


In the 2019 I will be running for Ward One, Minnetonka City Council, and would greatly appreciate your support.


I feel strongly that we need new leadership to serve the needs of the City of Minnetonka. It’s time for a change – I bring new ideas, a fresh perspective, and a better way to manage change in Minnetonka.  Many development projects lead to council approval – as with the Planning Commission, I am committed to research the project, and listen and respond to the community. With this learning and guidance from the community, it will affirm projects that come before the Council will keep our city and neighborhoods vital and growing. 


As a member of the Minnetonka Planning Commission for the past 5-1/2 years, and now chair for my second year, I feel we have the opportunity to guide and manage the many projects that are coming to our community. We need strong leadership and a proactive, creative approach. We also need someone who is in close touch with the day-to-day needs and challenges of our families and our community.


Are you ready for stronger representation?


Will you be willing to support my campaign?


  • Put up a lawn sign in your yard

  • Be a part of my campaign team – help with mailings, phone-calling, door-knocking
  • Offer a donation – state limit of $600, but please only give what you can, and no corporate gifts are allowed.
  • Vote for me on November 5
I hope I can count on your vote and your support. I will be an engaged and involved City Council Member, and the best way I can do that is to listen to your advice and concerns.

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